Gym Rat.

Something I will never be. The only way those two words would ever be used together, in a sentence to describe me would be to say”AG saw a rat in the gym the other day.” I’d probably be in the gym because I was walking by the outside and saw someone faint [inevitably from seeing the rat] and then I ran in to try and revive them. You know what I mean??
I wish I loved going to the gym. But I don’t. The whole buy a membership so you go and don’t waste money. Not motivating. I’d rather skip eating a meal to justify not spending more money since I’m paying for a gym I don’t attend. And then I’m still losing weight. WIN WIN. JK…  kinda.
I just get BORED. So so bored. I like running- for like 15 minutes. Then I’m bored. My gym [well the one I used to pay for] is really pretty- lots of fun colors. There’s quirky people and machines. It’s like a people watching paradise. You’d think I could commit. BORED. And besides- I can never justify the time spent going to the gym. I mean feeling good, looking better, living longer- all REALLY GOOD consequences of some quality gym time. But since I am inevitably looking for immediate results. I lose interest. I go with people. I go by myself. Morning, afternoon, night. Tried everything. I hate it.
I’m more of a yoga/Zumba class going, cardio class loving gal. Keeps me excited, interested, moving. Good Stuff. But whoever plans these classes apparently has never thought to include them for people with busy schedules. Who work full time jobs. The classes are always at 10 or 11 am [I’m working] or 5/5:30 pm. Still working. Every once in a while I find a 5:30 class that I could possible get to if I leave EXACTLY at 5:00pm run to my car, cut off any students trying to leave campus, pray session hasn’t ended early at the Capitol and run a few red lights. I remember leaving my office at 5:00pm once. On my first day or something.
But goodness I think about working out a lot. If I actually got fit from thinking about really working out, I’d pretty much be in the best shape of my life. More so than when I was dancing 75 hours a week.
So instead I try to stay healthy other ways. a] Drink a crap load of water. I used to hate water. [apparently this post is going to make me sound like a lazy bum who hates good things.] Anyway- I thought water was disgusting. I never drank it. Then one day I realized I probably should. So I forced myself- and now I love it. I actually CRAVE water [sometimes] which I never thought would happen. I try to drink 32oz of water in the morning before anything else. For the first week- I felt like I was drowning. Now, I wake up wanting it. Makes me feel so much better the rest of the day. I also got the whole three meals idea out of my head. It would be lunch time so I’d eat lunch- even though I wasn’t hungry. I was probably just bored. When I am active and not thinking about food- I only eat when I’m hungry- so much better! I ALWAYS have water at my desk. I drink it all day long. [I pee a lot y’all] but it keeps me from snacking on unhealthy things, and makes me feel fuller. So WATER! It’s the bees knees.
b] I make normal tasks into “healthy” tasks. I wear heels to work every day. I’m just that kind of girl. I also don’t have a normal desk job- so I walk a lot. and I ALWAYS take the stairs. I work on the third floor- or a pretty fancy building, so we have spiral staircases- so if we are honest, it’s like walking up 5 flights of stairs. Its actually harder to get to the elevator .. you have to walk down a flight of stairs to get to the elevator to go up to the third floor. So it isn’t really even tempting. But even when I’m heading across campus to meetings [i walk] and I try to always take the stairs. Then I can justify drinking that Starbucks all day ‘err day 🙂
c] I stretch and do abs in my room every morning and night. Poor Kels- who knows what it sounds like downstairs in her room beneath me. I have a pretty intricate morning ritual- complete with some downward dog and jumping jacks action. I feel like I have a pretty great routine. I could use some more cardio [maybe I should sprint to my meetings] but everything else seems to be working well. And I eat pretty healthy and the Dr. always says I’m healthy [which reinforces me choosing to eat Chick Fil A on a weekly basis] So I’m feeling good.
But I have a goal for the Fall. A newly inspired, maybe I’ll like the gym [probably not] way to make sure I get in a few weekly workouts. I’ll get back to you on things later this year. And if you never hear from me on the subject- safe to assume it was a REALLY great idea, with a less than stellar implementation.
Enjoy your weekend friends!

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