Thirty-Two Things.

It’s already been six years since the shooting at Virginia Tech. It’s crazy to think that much time as gone by- I often don’t even stop to remember how good my precious life is. But then days like yesterday awaken your senses and remind you how far our world still has to go. I’m so thankful that my friends and family are safe after yesterday’s tragedies, but I know many people are hurting. I’m thankful for a God who is bigger than all of this and that even in the hurt and pain of this world I don’t have to comprehend what is going on. Sending big prayers to everyone involved.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 1.09.27 PM
In honor of the 32 lives taken in Blacksburg six years ago, many bloggers are remembering 32 things they are thankful for. So many things I’m thankful for and they’re listed below:
 1. A family who supports my decisions and all the adventures I take on and pursue on various  days.
 2. My sister who is my oldest friend, fashion consultant, and keeps me laughing on a daily basis.
 3. A job I love that is full of collaboration, students, fun, and an administration that works hard to support its students!
 4. Roommates who make going home at night a wonderful thing.
 5. My HLP, Jamie, who keeps me sane and pointed in the right direction & is pretty much my favorite person ever
 6. Hot water, a house to sleep in, a car to drive- things I take for granted every day!
 7. A boyfriend who is my best friend and challenges me daily 🙂 Gosh, he’s pretty great.
 8. Neems, who wakes me up too early- but brings laughter and joy into my day.
 9. That I received a wonderful education.
10. Starbucks.
11. Young Life.
12. Young Life, I have to say it again because it’s been THAT influential in my life.
13. Allison, who let’s me talk myself in circles and then helps me sort my life out.
14. Nail polish [yea, it makes me happy so I’m thankful for it.]
15. My Mom- who gets excited about everything in my life! And doesn’t mind that I call her every day.
16. For technology and they way it can help save lives. [and find friends who were running the marathon!]
17. For the talent I have of using my hair straightener to iron my clothes while wearing them.
18. For the sunshine and gorgeous florida weather.
19. for the opportunity to travel.
20. For my sweet tallahassee friends. [BB, JT, BN, AK, KD, AS & so many others!]
21. sleepovers
22. Jesus & the cross. [obviously this would be first if this list was ranked on importance- but its not]
23. Chipotle. And the staff there that knows my order by heart.
24. Target. and the hours I’ve spent their with friends.
25. My co-workers.
26. laughter and smiles
27. Fresh flowers.
28. Football Season.
29. Unlimited access to books, and the ability to read.
30. LB- and her sweet friendship from the time we were itty bitty girls until now.
31. Dr. Pepper.
32. God’s grace.
Life is sweet and it’s so nice to remember how much we have to be thankful for!

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