10 Things I Suck At.

We aren’t very good at admitting we are bad at things. It’s all about being the best, looking the best, knowing the most- yadda yadda. I like being good at things. I am also more inclined to participate (especially in a group setting) if I know I’m good at whatever we are doing. So that means, without even trying, I sometimes hide the things I suck at. But we should not be ashamed of these things. So today, I’m embracing the things that are not my speciality. ENJOY!


Super cute dress from Madewell

1. I can’t whistle. I have tried people. To the point of passing out because I’ve exhaled so much air. A lot of people have tried to teach me. I’ve heard all the techniques, tried all the different approaches. It’s just not going to happen people. I was not made for whistling.

2. I suck at identifying the make/model of cars. All my friends know this about me. I’m trying to learn/pay more attention. But I honestly do not care. I classifying all cars into two categories. Cars and Trucks. I drive a grey car. You drive a white truck. That’s all you’re getting. SOMETIMES- I’ll throw in a SUV for kicks- but usually they fall into the truck category.

3. I’m not great at spelling. I work REALLY hard to make sure I spell things correctly. Hence the reason there are ALWAYS mistakes in my blog posts. I’m my own editor- so yeah. . . sorry about that! PTL for spell check. I am a bit of a grammar guru- but the spelling gets me!

4. My swim strokes consist of the doggie paddle and the frogger. I took swim lessons growing up but I never really had to swim correctly. So my go to stroke- the frogger. I feel okay with this situation since in my twenty-six years of life it has never been a problem. Also- I raced a six-year old the other day and my doggie paddle beat her freestyle. So I still got it 😉

5. I forget to brush my hair often. I can’t see it/don’t look at the back. So sometimes when I’m thinking about the last time I’ve brushed my hair- I realize it’s been a day (or three) This isn’t the end of the world, but it’s also not pretty. My sister has called me to tell me that she just saw a picture I posted on instagram and she can tell I haven’t brushed my hair in a while. She keeps me beautiful.

Metallic Sperry's

sperry’s from Jcrew

6. I can’t sing. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I could. However, I’m pretty sure Jesus knew that if I had a good singing voice I would be super cocky. Or something just as terrible and so he made me a better person/friend by giving me the voice of a croaky frog. Thanks JC- you’re the BEST. (you really are.)

7. Twitter. I can be really good at twitter. But then I got exhausted by it. So now I am a less frequent checker of twitter. So I guess I don’t suck at it. But for someone who works in a field where people are all over that twitter realm. I took a break, and I haven’t jumped back on the twitter train. Subsequently, I’m all over that instagram. And I’d post way more pics if I didn’t think it would annoy y’all.

8. Exclamation marks. I don’t suck at exclamation marks, but i do overuse them. So I suck at using them correctly. Overuse to the point where they become inefficient. In ninth grade I wrote a report about AIDS and the effects of living with HIV. My teacher decided to read my report out loud to the class purposefully EXCLAIMING each sentence where I used a !!!!. Needless to say, I got the point. (literally) And now Is still use a bajillion exclamation points, but then I go back through and delete most of them. What can I say?? I’m an EXCITED person!

9. Softball. I haven’t tried to play softball in a long time. Like the last time I even swung a bat. . . 4th grade?? Either way- I was really terrible. So terrible I have never wanted to try again. I consider myself to be fairly athletic. (for a girl- don’t hate, obviously guys are stronger/faster/whatever. I’m cool with that because this “less strong” female doesn’t want to do manly things like cut the grass or change tires. So I’m all for guys being more athletic than me) Anyway, maybe I don’t suck as much I as once remembered. But since I have NO EXPERIENCE I’m guessing I’m not good. Maybe one day I’ll pick up a bat and see what happens. When that day comes you should probably stand behind the fence. Or have a camera ready- Cause hilarity is sure to ensue!

10. Movie Quotes. I’ve seen A LOT of movies. But I am not watching them to then be tested on the quotes of every person and who said them. Are you kidding me? I usually recognize the quote. I know it’s most likely from a movie I have seen (or I at east saw the trailer a million times.) But when our friends say a quote and then say “what movie. . . ” There’s no way I will know before someone else. Unless it’s form GREASE, You’ve Got Mail, or Pride & Prejudice. So sorry- YES I’ve seen that movie you are referencing, but unfortunately I chose to remember Learning Development Theory or some other crazy thing I learned in college over memorizing the movie quote. I am jealous of you movie quote memorizers. You make me feel like an idiot on Trivia night. So thanks.

So that’s all my friends. A sweet little list of things I’m not good at. And probably won’t be. Luckily I have friends who balance these all out quite nicely. I thought about posting a fun little selfie of me above. But the few I’ve taken recently include unbrushed hair. So yea. . . pass 🙂



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