I was going to ask you all when the last time you created a pie chart? Then I wondered who actually created a pie chart? You know, it must have been so easy to be an “inventor” during the first thousands of years. Hmmm, I’m thirsty I want a drink. Oh, but what to put it in?? Maybe a cup? WHAM. I invented a cup! OK- I just googled “who invented the cup?” Apparently everyone. Cause duh- it’s a cup. So that wasn’t the best example. But let’s pretend you get where I was going… Pie Charts! Thought to be first created in 1801. But not regularly used until around 1858. Apparently the trend of showing trends in the shape of a dessert took a while to really catch on.

Either way- these are some really funny pie charts. I, coincidentally, found most of them to reign true in my life. Or at least make me laugh a lot.

This is SO TRUE. PTL for iOS5,000 having a automatically app update feature.

 Pretty much happens every night. I start counting down the hours until I have to wake up. Also, why do the hours of 10 pm – 1 am seem to be like a black hole vortex? I swear it 10:00 pm and I’m thinking- huh, maybe I’ll go to sleep early tonight. Then it’s 2:00 am and I’m in the middle of a project or just watching tv. Ridiculous.

My guy friends allude to this ALL THE TIME. They think we are crazy for needing so many bottles of shampoo.

 This doesn’t apply to me as much- but I know a few of my friends who rely on this 100%.

All these pie charts are making me hungry. For pie. Or ice cream. YUM.  It also has me thinking about this:

That’s all for now friends. A little laughter to finish up the weekend! Pray I go to sleep BEFORE 2 am because I’ve been running BEFORE work every (other) day {death} and I need more than 4 hours to trick convince myself that is a good idea. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every “trick” there is to running. Moral of the story. It sucks. There’s never a reason I will enjoy running. Luckily, I’m good at guilting myself into going in the morning. So mehr. Enjoy your sleep suckers.



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