I am obsessed with them. It’s a little like this. I love them in every form. Guacamole, on a sandwich, in my eggs, scooping out the fruit from its skin. There’s nothing an avocado can do that is wrong in my eyes. It’s true love for AG and the Avocados. So anytime I see something on pinterest that involves avocados I repin it. Yeaaaaaa- sorry if you follow me. As I’m typing this I’m thinking how I should probably create a board JUST for avocados. Cause I’m really not doing them justice.

Lately, I’ve been making this guac recipe and it is DELISH.

But a few weeks ago Kels and I decided to make this recipe for BLT Stuffed Avocado. Friends, this is as heavenly as it sounds. MAKE THIS NOW. and you won’t be sad!

The ingredients y’all.

Shredded Chicken [we used from a can cause we were hungry/too lazy to cook some right then]
Grape tomatoes
Cheese [We went with the mexican blend]
Lemon Juice
Mayonnaise [neither of us love mayo, but we went with it- it was good, but next time we will use less]

BLT avocados

De skin your avocados. And then scoop out some inside goodies to make room for your BLT concoction. Then eat the avocado you just scooped out.  Wait, What?
We heated up the chicken, diced the tomatoes and spinach mixed it all together and added the corn, cheese, bacon, lemon juice. I would add JUST enough mayo to help blend everything together. Then add salt & pepper to taste. I NEVER use recipes so folks I just added amounts that looked good. Then scoop your chicken salad goodness into your avocado and you can die a happy person.
We then sipped on blue moons with blueberries, oranges, and a shot of vodka! It was the perfect summertime dish. (I cannot remember where I originally saw this drink idea. I also don’t have a great picture because I was so obsessed with wanting to eat the avocados!)


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