A Pep Talk From Kid President.

You’ve probably already seen this video. It’s been floating through the internets for the past few days, but I couldn’t not post it. It’s that good. This kid might be the cutest little guy ever.

A few more obsessions of mine lately….

THIS movie.

Day planners. This Martha one and this Lily one are my current favs. {Yes, yes. I have TWO agendas/day calendars. If you saw my mind you’d understand the need for two. They help me stay organized.]

I want to make and eat a lot of these delish green beans!

I’m in love with pottery barn’s new blog.

I love witty valentine’s day cards.

and I think I’d love to eat this for breakfast every morning. Yum!

Ok, all for now! Happy Tuesday Y’all!



Valentine’s Day.

bacon ecard

Are you a fan of this holiday? I am a fan of the movie with this title. I’m actually a fan of any movie that has multiple story lines going on at once. I feel like it is a movie based on how my mind works in real life.

So yeah, valentines Day Pros: On February 15th there is super cheap candy, People spend outrageous amounts of money on flowers [which supports my family, which makes me happy] It’s nice to feel loved, you can decorate your house with cute things, I like pink, I like flowers, I like thinking of witty valentines day card sayings

Cons: My family works late nights. Shout out to you KG- enjoy those last minute boyfriends/hubbys coming in to buy some flowers!! You cannot go to a restaurant with your friends unless you want to sit REALLY close to a million other people on awkward dates or spend too much money, I don’t like this much pink, conversation hearts taste like chalk mixed with cement and are stamped with ridiculous sayings, I’m sure there are more- but you get the idea.

So, my take on the holiday: I like feeling loved and letting others know they are loved. But, I do not see a reason in going all crazy over the day. Let’s show the love all year round. Maybe a sweet note, or homemade meal- that’s all I need. Oh, and gummy bears. Duh- I can ALWAYS enjoy some gummy bears. I don’t like chocolate [WHAT??] I know. eh. Not a fan. And I also think whoever created those disgusting conversation hearts should have to pay me for all those years people gave them to me thinking I should eat them. I can for sure use them as chalk on my board, but that’s about it. Seriously. ew. They are on the same level of disgustingness as circus peanuts. Again- WHO SELLS THESE GROSS CANDIES?!?!! Actually, I’m sorry. Whoever invented these things are GENIUSES. I don’t know how you convinced people to eat these nasty concoctions. But now you’re probably making millions off of us. I’m going to start thinking through a really gross candy that can become a staple for St. Patrick’s Day or something. Ya know? Maybe like corned beef hash chocolate coins or something?? Step aside regular chocolate coins. I’m coming for ya. Let’s just agree that corned beef coins and the new St. Patty’s Day candies. Thanks.  Maybe, President’s Day- Candy Constitutions, that taste like actual paper! Feel free to place your order now.

OK- enough about candy that shouldn’t be sold. Just kidding- one more thing. So you think someone is actually still producing circus peanuts?? They are in all the gas stations, but I don’t know anyone who buys them?? So maybe someone just made a whole heck of a lot of them many many years ago and since they obviously taste the same today as they did when they were first created they are just hoping that one day enough of them sell to break even. Maybe we should all buy some circus peanuts and give them to our friends this valentines day?? Just to help a brother out, you know what I mean?

Really, I’m going to let this candy thing go now… Flowers. I love me some peonies if you’re wondering. They aren’t really in season right now so don’t worry about it. Also- peonies seem to be like the cool new flower to love! Y’all they’ve been here for a while [ever]. But I think pinterest is giving them some new life. Also, I like my flowers in the form of cash. I mean maybe send a picture of the flowers you could have purchased me, along with the cash so I could buy some coffee or something. Even better, flowers in the form of Starbucks gift cards. Seriously y’all I’ve got a good thing going here. Ok, ok- enough about cheesy Valentines Day gifts. Really the thought of V-Day coming meant I could design some fun new FB cover photos and iPhone/iPad background pics.I tried to add a new downloads page [still working on the logistics of it… but a few are posted!] I’ll try to make it more user friendly real soon y’all!


Iphone4 Vday

[photo source]

I <3 Mondays.

Just a few things I’m loving this lovely Monday.

MLK Quote

Young Life. If you aren’t familiar with Young Life know that I LOVE YL. I have a passion for this ministry and love being a part of it. A few weekends ago we took our college friends [current leaders & potential new ones!] to Southwind for a kickoff to the semester! It was a blast.

My new cookbook from The Smitten Kitchen Blog. I received this as a Christmas gift and I am so excited to make something from it!! I think I’ve read all the recipes 2 or 3 times now, so it just comes down to finding an evening to create something delish. I did make this “Tomato Pie” recipe from smitten kitchen the other night. YUM.

This AMAZING series of photographs by Francois Brunelle called  I’m Not a Look-Alike. He captured 200 photos of people who look like identical twins but aren’ even RELATED. Say what??? So cool.

TV shows I’m obsessed with: SCANDAL [if you don’t watch this start RIGHT. NOW.] super obsessed with that one. Also- cannot wait for SMASH to come back on!

Love Does. A book by Bob Goff. It is a LOVELY read. Bob Goff might be the radest person around. [That’s right. RAD-EST]

I want to be drinking my coffee from this cup every morning.

These wedding gowns are GORGEOUS. simply amazing.

I think this would be a SUPER CUTE addition to our house 🙂 Now just to think through what word I’d use….

Also- this song is my JAM. enjoy!

Happy Monday y’all!


Will you accept this rose?

Sean Lowe

The Bachelor.

Do y’all watch it? I must say it is quite ridiculous. Seriously, if anyone thinks they are for reals finding love on that show. They crazy. I’ve actually never watched the show. Until now. I decide to make this Bachelor watching an EVENT. If you know me, you’ll know that I like making an affair out of things. I like to plan some events. So we are having an official FANTASY LEAGUE Bachelor event. It makes watching this horrendous show pretty spectacular. So now every week we all get together and watch this show. I’m not going to lie- screaming at the TV definitely occurs. We have team names, we smack talk, and we cheer on the girls on our team like they are our besties. We are quite a scene. And I love it! My team is [was] Diana, Katie, Catherine, Tierra, AshLee & Selma. Feel free to cheer my team on! There’s a chick from my alma mater on this show. I can’t really fathom every knowing one of my good friends being on a show like this. It would definitely be quite an experience!

I’ve seen some of this week’s previews y’all and it looks CRA-ZAY. Apparently Sean is “digging” a lot of the women already. Who would have THUNK it?!?!? oh Lord.

So that’s how it goes- we cheer for these crazy girls. And we go crazy when our team advances! Happy Bachelorin’ Y’all!

My two [personal] favs- AshLee and Catherine 🙂


Sea Salt.

I do not know who first thought to add sea salt to desserts. But they are a freakin genius. Seriously- add it to almost anything and BAM. amazingness. This may or may not be a tainted view due to the fact that I am eating salted caramel brownies for breakfast. Don’t judge me. I like to tell myself that if I eat sweets for breakfast I crave them less throughout the day. I have NO idea if that is true, but makes me feel better about my self. Besides I didn’t have time to eat real breakfast and the brownies were just sitting on my counter looking at me. So what’s a girl to do. RIGHT?

*Salted Caramel Brownies (the easy way) make a box of brownies…go for the ones with extra chocolate chunks or fudge. YUM. Bake as directed on box. Let cool. Cut into squares. Drizzle caramel over them [I use the smuckers ice cream topping kind.] Then sprinkle sea salt on them. HEAVENLY. Feel free to tell people you spent hours in the kitchen creating these masterpieces.

Moving on.

This always happens. I start hating my room. or house. or some sort of space where I spend a lot of time. [[Don’t get me started on the office I’ve had for over a year and have yet to decorate.]] I would definitely say I’m artistic. I think I have a bit of style (undecided if it’s good style) and I think my attention to detail is usually what can pull a project together. Give me a wedding reception and I can make your dreams come true. But my house. Lord almighty. This girl is not an interior designer. So of course, yesterday thoughts of how I could not possible stand the way my room was configured creeped in and would not leave. I obviously could not live another second in this room which was so poorly designed. (This is how it happens for me y’all. I get an idea in my mind and then I want it to happen RIGHT! THEN! I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to Walmart at 2am because I decided I needed to do a project immediately.) So my room- goodness, how was I possible sleeping here for these past 6 months. It was abysmal. [[Dramatic much?]] Usually, I just start rearranging crap. But I wasn’t home when this notion hit so I drew out some ideas. That didn’t help much. I drew a really beautiful room- furnished with items I do not own. Not. Helpful. Anyway- so while getting pedicures KD and I discussed the future state of my darling bedroom. And then I enlisted in her help moving furniture. (With a few stops to pick up AK from the airport, YAY! and to obviously watch SCANDAL- #HolyFitz I love that show) Luckily, I was able to move 4 pieces of furniture and feel good about my life. I’m sure in a few days months I’ll need some new inspiration, but hopefully I can just paint a picture or something and be done. So until the wee hours of the morning I was rearranging and re designing my space. And now it feels homy. And wonderful. Goodness I love when things feel like they are in their place. Makes a girl happy.

So it’s friday, and I’m feeling good cause my house is happy and salted caramel brownies are gracing my stomach. Y’all it’s the good life! Hope your Fridays are lovely too 🙂




Laughing out Loud.

I have a pretty healthy obsession with laughter. I surround myself with people who make me giggle. It’s truly such a sensational feeling. I adore watching others laugh too. Yesterday I was re-inacting to my momma [over the phone] a series of events from my new years day that had me in tears. We both agreed that I’m quite ridiculous, but nonetheless, enjoyed sharing a good laugh. My mom, sis, and I can spend hours together laughing over a plethora of topics. Time spent together always includes my sis laughing so hard she is silent and then comes bursting forth with her undeniably infectious laughter. I think my sister and I have repeated Dane Cook’s Kool Aid man skit easily a thousand times. It’s an obsession. I cherish the moments spent with my friends where we are cracking ourselves up. The best kind of laughter comes from those moments of truth. When someone helps you perfectly describe the feeling you have towards a person, subject, or place. I truly believe laughter could be some of the BEST medicine. So imagine my delight when I read this great article about Jerry Seinfeld.  He is a funny, funny man. This video made my day, and hopefully yours too!


PS. Dane Cook Kool-Aid Man skit. [FYI// It’s Dance Cook, so the content. Wildly OBSCENE]

Happy New Year!




I just LOVE the New Year. As a habitual goal maker, re-organizer, list lover [you get the idea] I just ADORE the thought of a fresh start! It reenergizes me in all that I do! Some of this newfound energy quickly loses it’s appeal, but usually most of it keeps me kicking till the summertime when things slow down a bit. I’m not much of a specific “Resolutions” gal- mostly because I’m always setting goals for myself, but since I’ve been asking everyone around me what their goals [& hopes] are for the new year it has me thinking as well. In September my 101 in 1001 list ends so I still have some tasks to finish on it… In addition to those lovely goals I’ve set 5 things I want to accomplish below!


1. Blog More. I really do love blogging. So I’m making it a specific goal of mine to do so more often.

2. Budget. I’m all about an organized budget [as an event planner I have to be!] But I want to be VERY INTENTIONAL with where all my pennies are going this year… therefore I’ve made a plan that will require me to really pay attention and be deliberate with my spending.

3. Be Positive! I like to think I’m a pretty positive person 🙂 But, I do have the occasional meltdown less than great day. I do not want to be the negative energy in someone’s day. So I’ll be around sharing smiles with all y’all!

4. Less is More. By itself that phrase is not a goal, I understand, but I feel like it could be my mantra for the next season of life. I HATE clutter. I don’t mind having useful stuff lying around. But I loathe having crap that has no place being in my presence. EEEK. It clutters my brain. So I’m hoping to rid my room/house/office of unnecessary junk and help my brain to be fancy free!

5. Life Planning. I know what I’m passionate about. I also know where I see myself in a few years… Therefore, what am I doing now that will help me accomplish these goals? I’m being vague on this one, I know. BUT- it will slowly be brewing behind the scenes and hopefully one day, maybe even in 2013, I will be able to share exciting things with y’all!



ps. I bought a NEW CAR! [yaaaaay] Thank the Lord I can make it around town without the perpetual fear of losing my door or something …

Fast Cars & Freedom.

So here’s the deal. I, AG, am buying a car. Some of you might be thinking it’s about dang time. If you are then you are probably one of my friends who has tried to ride in my car over the past few years. As of now only the driver and back right side door open from the outside. The trunk does not open with the key, there’s no air conditioning, and it often gets stuck in first gear. A few months ago I tortured my sweet roommate Kels with an 8 hour drive to Nashville with no air conditioning. For the first 5 hours we melted. The last three hours we froze. It was a beautiful bonding experience. Also- my car does not have cruise control. I don’t know who hated me enough to think it was a good idea to buy the ONLY car made this millennium that DOES NOT have cruise control, but the joke is not funny.

That being said, I love my current car. It has brought me to many places in so many states and I am SO LUCKY that I did not have to pay for it. My parents graciously bought it for me as I headed off to college. AND, it was like 1,000 times more technologically advanced then my first car. Insert car # 1: The Plymouth Colt. Never heard of it? No worries- no one has. My sweet granny gave up driving when I turned 16 so I could have a CAR. AHHH. it was a fab deal for me. This sweet ’89 cobalt blue colt had like a 6 gallon gas tank and I filled up every 2.5 weeks. Best ever! The inside was navy blue fabric interior and there was also no air conditioning. It was so cool. Actually HOT. It was really, really, HOT. But I did get this bumpin’ sound system for Christmas from my grandparents so I was riding in style. To give you a picture I found a car that looks similar to mine via google.



Don’t be jealous. It also only had 18,000 miles on it when I got it in 2002. THAT’S RIGHT 13 years old an 18,000 miles. sweet deal. Other unique factors of my sweet ole colt. It was SUPER light. So it could be lifted up by my friends. and it could float on water. Probably in other liquids as well, but I only was ever able to test it in water. Southwest Florida = hurricanes/rain/storms/etc = FLOODING = me driving and then my car floating into the water. There were no cup holders in it so my mom bought me cup holders for my car. Fab gift. Finally, it was smashed by a school bus [I wasn’t inside] It truly was a gem. Therefore, upon my numbered days in high school my parents graciously gifted me a new car to get me to college. Insert car #2: A Hyundai Accent. And it has been my faithful car ever since.

Here’s what I know about cars. People drive them. And my knowledge ends there. I really do not care about cars. I don’t care how much they cost, I don’t name my car, I don’t know anything about its engine or blah blah blah. You get the picture. So buying a new fancy car when I got my first job. NOT a priority. I would rather spend my money on other ridiculous items  more important things in life. [[aka- good food, apple products & other resourceful items]] Well the time has come sweet friends. The accent’s days are numbered. I’ve been researching and researching new cars and prayerfully within the next week I will have a new one. Hallelujah! During my process I have come to learn quite a bit more about cars. I figured I should share 🙂

1. People pay WAY TOO much money for cars.
2. Apparently most cars nowadays have cruise control so if you’re buying a new[er] car and that’s your ONLY qualification car dealers think you cra-zy.
3. They also now come with cup holders so don’t make a special request for those.
4. I still don’t care about cars.
5. When I start to care about cars for a few minutes I realize the ones I like are too expensive.
6. Hopefully the next time I have to buy a car I’m married so my husband can afford the one I want do the picking for me 🙂
7. You have to be good at/want to negotiate the price. [That’s why I have a Dad]
8. Some cars are U-G-L-Y.
9. I like moon roofs. [or sunroofs- what the heck is the difference?]
10. If money was no issue and I could pick any car in the world, I would pick one with a driver. Nicer than a taxi, but less pretentious than a stretch limo.

OK enough ramblings about my future fancy cars. Here’s to hoping this post goes viral and Justin Bieber wants to buy me a new car! Or that my sister wins another car. [YUP, another car.]

Kidding, [unless he does want to buy me a car, then I’m not kidding.] here’s to me being SO THANKFUL that I have a job that pays me to do what I love in a town I adore and that I can actually afford a car and do not have to rely on other means of transportation. I really do have a sweet gig and I’m pumped to share my new car with you one day soon. Fingers crossed it comes with a driver 😉



One of the sweetest ladies I know got ENGAGED last night!! I am so excited for Amanda & Ryan and I know their marriage will be such a beautiful one. These past few months [since she left for grad school] have been ridiculous- I used to see her almost every day of the week… and now I’m going through withdrawals 🙂 Luckily through texting, snap chats, Facebook, phone calls, and a few weekend visits I’ve been able to remember what she looks like! [kidding] These two love each other a lot, but love the Lord even more and that is why I know there are destined for success. Can’t wait to celebrate with you in person!!




ps. Thanks Ry for this awesome photo

I <3 Mondays

Happy Monday Friends!

I’ve been fighting a cold, [boo!] but only a few more days of work and then I’m on Christmas Break! Yay! Check below for some of the things I’ve been loving this past week.

THESE pajamas. and THESE too! So cute. TOO expensive for PJs, but still adorable!

I’m digging these monogrammed necklaces that are trendy and cool right now. Can’t decide between silver or acrylic.

The cutest wedding website I’ve seen in a while!

A fabulous idea for a NYE party!

The third picture down reminds me of my sweet friend Megwick and the NYE wedding she will one day have under a big tree 🙂

IN LOVE with all of Caitlin Wilson’s fabrics, but especially loving this pillow!

and lastly, SO EXCITED for the series finale of Gossip Girl. Well sad it will be over, but excited to watch. GG is my guilty pleasure. That’s right… what’s not to love. [[love fest below.]]

GG 6 GG 5 GG 4 GG 3 GG 2 GG 1