I <3 Mondays

Happy Monday Friends!

I’ve been fighting a cold, [boo!] but only a few more days of work and then I’m on Christmas Break! Yay! Check below for some of the things I’ve been loving this past week.

THESE pajamas. and THESE too! So cute. TOO expensive for PJs, but still adorable!

I’m digging these monogrammed necklaces that are trendy and cool right now. Can’t decide between silver or acrylic.

The cutest wedding website I’ve seen in a while!

A fabulous idea for a NYE party!

The third picture down reminds me of my sweet friend Megwick and the NYE wedding she will one day have under a big tree 🙂

IN LOVE with all of Caitlin Wilson’s fabrics, but especially loving this pillow!

and lastly, SO EXCITED for the series finale of Gossip Girl. Well sad it will be over, but excited to watch. GG is my guilty pleasure. That’s right… what’s not to love. [[love fest below.]]

GG 6 GG 5 GG 4 GG 3 GG 2 GG 1





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